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Pavia's Legacy

Is one man’s last wish enough to mend the rift between two families entangled in a web of secrets? 

 Two families

     Bonded in war 

          Torn apart by life 

               Reunited in love 

Pavia Jackson is shocked when she inherits a portion of the sprawling Conti Vineyards. The inheritance offers the opportunity to become the vintner she’s determined to be. It also dredges up past events cloaked in mystery, threatening not just her inheritance but her heart. 

The death of Alex Conti’s grandfather devastated his family and left him burdened with the responsibility of upholding their winemaking legacy. Alex struggles to understand the complicated history that haunts the two families and why his grandfather would give the coveted Brothers Block, the oldest and most valuable part of the vineyard, to Pavia Jackson.

As the leaves begin to unfurl on the vines, so does his desire for Pavia, who holds the key to untangling the past. Is their love enough to heal the rift between the two families and create a new vintage? 

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