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Emerald Hearts 


Welcome to Seattle, a bustling city with a small-town heart. Meet a tight-knit group of friends and chosen family and fall for a diverse cast of characters in heartwarming contemporary romances, featuring both heterosexual and gay couples, as they navigate life surrounded by the sparkling blue waters of Puget Sound and the vibrant emerald forests of the Pacific Northwest.

FourHollyDates 2.26.24 (1).jpg

Four Holly Dates

by Eliana West


Four dates

A chance to reconnect

A different way to embrace the magic of the holiday season


Soccer star Nick Anderson is new to Seattle. He’s thrilled to see the shy girl he remembered from high school when he visits the local Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, his excitement is one sided. With the help of her friends, he’s got four chances to show Holly another way to celebrate the holiday season. 


Holly Williams had worked hard to become a pediatric nurse at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The only problem is she hasn’t taken the time to enjoy it. Now popular guy she secretly crushed on in high school is asking her out not just for one date but for four. 


As Holly and Nick get to know each other again, they each learn what the holidays are really all about.

SummerOfNoelle 2.26.24 (1).jpg

Summer of Noelle

by Eliana West


Star midfielder for the Seattle Emeralds, Hugh Donavan looks forward to his visits to Children’s Hospital and spending time with the young patients. What he looks forward to the most is seeing one nurse who’s captured his attention. 


Noelle Williams is ready to open her heart again, but she isn’t interested in dating a professional athlete after a disastrous marriage to one, no matter how kind and charming Hugh is. 


With encouragement from friends and one special little patient to live her life to the fullest, Noelle agrees to one date with Hugh.


Will the magic of summer in Seattle lead to love? 

FallingForJoy 2.26.24 (1).jpg

Falling for Joy

by Eliana West


On the first day of Christmas…


Wait a minute, forget that. The last thing Joy Buchanan wants to remember is how much of a fool she made of herself at last year’s office Christmas party. She’s spent all year trying to live down the humiliation of confessing all her deepest Christmas wishes to the sexy Santa. So when the man himself shows up asking her for a favor, she couldn’t be more surprised than if he’d shown up wrapped in a Christmas bow.


Jason Anderson is looking forward to a break from his hectic touring schedule and spending time with his family in Seattle. He’s been on the road for over a year playing for sold out crowds. As much as he loves putting on a great show he’s had enough of his opening act and her trying to trap him into a relationship. When she follows Jason to Seattle he panics and turns to the beautiful woman he met the year before when he was playing Santa asking her to be his fake fiancé. He’s not looking for anything permanent but each day he spends with Joy has Jason rethinking his own Christmas wishes.   


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Four meddling siblings


Three good friends


Two engagements, one fake and one real


One chance to make a Christmas wish come true

BeTheMatch final cover.jpg

Be the Match

by Eliana West


A senseless accident leaves Ryan Blackstone a single father. His son, Leo, survives, only for the hospital to discover he has leukemia. Ryan’s only hope to save him is a bone marrow donor.


A donor registry reveals a perfect match for Leo but unearths an unsettling family secret: his wife’s brother isn’t really dead. Then they meet, and Ryan realizes Dylan could save him as well. 


Dylan McKenzie stopped thinking about his family’s betrayal when they kicked him out twelve years ago. They would rather think he is dead than gay. So the news of his sister’s death comes as a shock. Dylan is afraid being pulled back into the family will hurt him again, but meeting Ryan and Leo upends his plan to keep his heart closed. 


Ryan almost lost everything. Now he must decide if he can gamble losing his family to have everything he’s ever wanted. Together, he and Dylan could be the perfect match.

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