Emerald Hearts Series


FourHollyDates Cover.jpg

Four dates

A chance to reconnect

A different way to embrace the magic of the holiday season


Soccer star Nick Anderson is new to Seattle. He’s thrilled to see the shy girl he remembered from high school when he visits the local Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, his excitement is one sided. With the help of her friends, he’s got four chances to show Holly another way to celebrate the holiday season. 


Holly Williams had worked hard to become a pediatric nurse at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The only problem is she hasn’t taken the time to enjoy it. Now popular guy she secretly crushed on in high school is asking her out not just for one date but for four. 


As Holly and Nick get to know each other again, they each learn what the holidays are really all about. 

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Star midfielder for the Seattle Emeralds, Hugh Donavan looks forward to his visits to Children’s Hospital and spending time with the young patients. What he looks forward to the most is seeing one nurse who’s captured his attention. 


Noelle Williams is ready to open her heart again, but she isn’t interested in dating a professional athlete after a disastrous marriage to one, no matter how kind and charming Hugh is. 


With encouragement from friends and one special little patient to live her life to the fullest, Noelle agrees to one date with Hugh.


Will the magic of summer in Seattle lead to love? 

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