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Dreidel Date

The rules of dreidel are simple—unless the hot new rabbi your friends have been wanting you to meet turns out to be your childhood crush. Now Zach Kravitz is playing for more than bragging rights as the dreidel champion—he’s playing for his heart.


Hanukkah parties with the Kravitz family were some of Garrett Fitzpatrick’s favorite childhood memories. Now that Garrett has a chance to reconnect with Zach, the quiet, artistic young man he has yearned after for years, he's ready to put a new spin on an old game. Garett has eight nights to show Zach the spark between them can turn into a lasting flame that will stay bright long after Hanukkah ends.


The rules of dreidel are simple, the game of love is a lot more complicated.


What you can expect in Dreidel Date:
  • Rabbi and Graphic Novelist

  • Secret Crush

  • Boy Next Door

  • Strip Dreidel


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