Heart of Colton Series



Dax Ellis is returning to Colton, Mississippi a changed man. He’s traveled the world, earned a fortune, and surrounded himself with good friends. The home he couldn’t wait to leave is calling him. He longs to put down roots, but the small town he once knew is declining. He wants to help if only he can convince everyone he’s not the same petulant bully he used to be. — in particular, the one person who has every reason not to trust him.


Callie Colton cherished the summers with her grandparents, in spite of the boy who called her names and tormented her at every chance. Now, Colton is her home she loves living a quiet life as a small town librarian. When Dax shows up, she starts receiving anonymous threats and Callie realizes he still has the power to hurt her. This time she’s not the same scared little girl she used to be. It’s time for Callie to face her fears—including her foolish attraction to him.


Dax had no idea the little girl he’d bullied is in Colton. Once he sees the beautiful woman she's grown into, he can’t stop dreaming about the gray eyes he once tormented. When danger arrives at Callie’s doorstep he will have to face his past in order for them to find a way forward.

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The Way Home.jpg

A letter from the past will transform their future…


Taylor Colton always loved the crumbling plantation house passed down through his family for generations. Now he’s bringing his popular renovation reality show to the small town of Colton, Mississippi, so he can bring the plantation house known as Halcyon back to life for the cameras.


After an ugly breakup, Josephine Martin needs a new start to heal her broken heart in peace. A hidden letter reveals a family secret that leads her to Colton to protect her family’s history and honor a promise made before the Civil War…and to a house she didn’t know was hers.

Suddenly, Josephine must decide if she’s ready for the challenge of restoring a run-down mansion and its history, and Taylor’s facing a challenge he can’t charm away. Together, they must untangle a tragic history, a rocky relationship, and risk everything they love. Can they overcome the past to find their way home?

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The Way Beyond cover.jpg

When she finds out his secret, will he lose her for good? 

Jacob Winters has a secret: he’s come to Colton undercover as an FBI handler. He didn’t plan to stay, but the small town has charmed him with a sense of community that he hasn’t felt in a long time. And his attraction to the beautiful Mae Colton complicates things even more. Jacob doesn’t do relationships—he won’t risk making memories he might regret.

Mae Colton loves her little town of Colton, Mississippi, and doesn’t want to leave. In fact, instead of moving on to bigger things—namely a political career in D.C.-like she’d planned, she wants to run for a second term as mayor of Colton. But not everyone in town supports this choice, including the commitment-phobic Jacob Winters.

Mae is ready to make their secret relationship official and go public, but that would break Jacob’s one rule. When a threat against Mae’s life forces him to admit the truth of his feelings, he has to race to save the woman he loves before it’s too late.

Available September 13th, 2021