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Mae swiped at a stubborn tear that refused to be blinked away, glancing at the other wedding guests, to make sure no one noticed that she’d caught the feels. It wasn’t just her. There wasn't a dry eye in the park when Callie Colton and Dax Ellis exchange vows in the gazebo. This day was a long time coming. Watching her best friend and cousin exchange vows with the man who had shown her that second chances were worth the risk brought Mae so much joy but, there was just a tinge of sadness mixed in. She was losing her friend. Okay, that might be a little overdramatic, but Callie had been her wingman since they were little. It was right for Callie and Dax to be standing hand in hand; you should to marry someone who wasn’t just a lover or a partner. Mae believed in marrying someone who was also your best friend, a person you could trust with your heart. Someone to make a lifetime of memories with. 

It was a perfect summer night. Mae loved evenings like these. Lightning bugs danced and flirted with the twinkle lights in the trees. The bride and groom were swaying to the music on the dancefloor lost in each other’s gaze. She took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of roses and freesia from the garlands that decorated the gazebo. Mae fingered the small cluster of flowers pinned to the sash on her yellow dress. Sawdust and citrus notes infiltrated sweet floral notes, distracting her from the celebration. 

Mae knew he who was standing behind her before his warm breath and the whiskers of his beard tickled her ear. 
There was something about this man. Since the first day she met Jacob Winters, the uptick in her heartbeat always let her know when he was near. 

“May I have this dance?” 

She turned around to face Jacob, who smiled at her with a challenging glint in his eye. 

He looked devilishly handsome in the dark gray suit Dax’s groomsmen wore. The jacket fit perfectly over his broad shoulders, tapering to show off his muscular physique. Damn it, why did he have to look so damn good?

“What makes you think I’m going to dance with you?”

Jacob Winters was not her type, or at least that’s what she kept telling herself. 

He raised an eyebrow and tipped his head toward the dance floor where the bride and groom were watching them while they danced 

“Because Callie and Dax will have our hides if we don’t play nice.”

Mae looked down at his outstretched hand and sighed. “Fine.”

Her skin pricked with goosebumps sliding her hand into Jacob’s large, calloused one. When they reached the dance floor, he twirled her into his arms. For a large man, he moved amazingly well. 

The music changed as his arms closed around her waist. 

We can take the long way

We’ll get there even if it takes all night

We’ll talk until the morning

Leaning down, he whispered. “See, this isn’t so bad.”

“I never said it was.”

Jacob paused for just a moment and Mae’s breath caught when they locked eyes. 

“What do you think, Pixie? How about we call a truce?” 

“I’m not the one who’s so stubborn and won’t accept any help.”

He leaned forward just a fraction. “Maybe, I don’t want your help because whenever were in the same room, all I want to do is kiss you senseless, the way I want to right now.”

Mae’s breath hitched. 

“You know our fighting is foreplay,” he growled. “I’ve had enough fighting, I’m ready to kiss and makeup.”

Jacob was right, she’d been flirting through fighting and it was better than any actual date she’d been on in a long time. Was she ready to take the next step?

We can take it slow

Savor every moment

Keep it on the low

Baby Just let go

And we can keep this whole thing casual

The words of the song wound around them and into her heart. She wasn’t interested in anything serious, just a little fun. 

Mae gave Jacob a slow, sensual smile. “The party’s almost over, Mr. Winters. I think you and I should continue this conversation at my apartment.” 

First Dance

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